The following review of bet365 is based on our own personal experiences from visiting the site. Here we’re looked to interpret our visit and as such the views and experiences we’ve written below are our own opinion.

The main page offers you all the site’s major portals in one place. Most famed for its sports betting operation, this operation also offers specialised sites for Bingo, Casino, Poker and General Games. Games is Bet 365’s slot focused portal where the slots are labelled as ‘premium slots’ and ‘video slots’. We’re not entirely sure of the difference between the two to label one as premium.

Tapping on the Games option sends you to a separate site where the slot games can be found. These are all easy to access, with the site set out with large and clear thumbnail graphics on a plain black background. Everything looks very clear and accessible on the more compact screen of your mobile or tablet. You also have the option of downloading the app (which the site prefers you to do, because it gives you easier access to the Sports Betting facilities), but you can play perfectly well through your web browser. This is indeed the better option for players attempting to avoid the temptation of the bookmaking side of things.

Although the emphasis is most definitely on the slots, there are some alternative casino games to play too. These include ten different formats of Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. Players looking for more can always visit Bet 365’s separate Casino portal, also accessed from the main page. In truth this is one element of the site that we don’t like. Having to jump between different menu tabs to access different games was just a bit annoying. We’re not entirely sure why everything isn’t in one place?

The same thing applies to the ‘games’ menu tab. We’re not entirely sure why some slots titles are under the ‘games’ menu. It would make far more sense to have everything in the one place, rather than having to switch about all the time. There is a large number of titles to chose from overall, but getting between the different games is a bit of a pain in truth.