A-Z of Nektan Bingo Sites

If you’re looking for a place to play Nektan Bingo then you’re in the right spot. Here we bring you all the new Nektan bingo sites. Having established themselves as a major player in the casino market, it appears that Nektan bingo sites are here to stay. Below you’ll find a list of all these bingo sites.

A Look into Nektan Bingo Sites

Online gaming has been around for more than twenty years now, and online bingo was one of the first games to become truly popular in the United Kingdom. Online Bingo is now what is called a “mature market” in the industry jargon. This means that the market has stopped growing, so there is little incentive for new companies to enter the market, nor for existing companies to innovate. So it is remarkable (at least in the sense of “being worth remarking upon”) when something truly new and unusual comes along. Renowned mobile casino platform Nektan have made just such a move, making a venture into the online bingo market. Nektan have forged a considerable and deserved reputation over the years within the gaming industry for producing phone friendly, well-stocked casino titles, so this diversification into the bingo specialist market has taken many industry pundits by surprise.

Some Background on Nektan

Founded in 2008, Nektan have, up until now, concentrated purely on mobile casinos. And very successful they have been. They are responsible for the design of over a hundred different online brands, enabling them to become one of the most popular platforms for casino players. This popularity has been developed not only by designing a highly effective platform, but also by the fact that games content is so good, particularly for slots. The company has signed contracts with over forty of the very best games providers on the planet. These include all the biggest names like Microgaming and NetEnt, along with dozens of other up and coming software design companies. By the end of the 2019 financial year (the last full year for which figures are available at the time of writing), Nektan received revenues of £22.5m. This may not sound like much in the context of a multi-billion pound industry, but remember Nektan only designs the software platform – it does not operate the actual casinos. And bear in mind that the revenue generated from its 100+ partner casinos is estimated to be close to £600m. So all in all, its casino platform is quite a phenomenon, resulting in very rapid growth. Thirteen new casino brands were launched in the last three months of the 2019 financial year alone. The company has gone from strength to strength, and currently operates from three main offices: in London and Las Vegas, with its registered headquarters based on the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar. Like all successful companies though, Nektan is always on the lookout for new revenue making opportunities. Therefore, the company has decided to diversify…

Nektan Bingo – What to Expect

2019 saw Nektan launch its very first dedicated bingo site, and there is every indication that more are to follow. So what can the UK’s millions of avid online bingo players expect when they visit one of the company’s new titles? Well, like its casinos, Nektan bingo sites follow a similar, easy to follow layout. Different types of games are accessed via clearly signposted tabs, which make them easy to find on even the most compact screens. All Nektan bingo designs are optimised for play on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Its bingo offering is well up to the industry standard. Players will find four main rooms: two offer standard format 90 ball bingo, with differing ticket prices to suit all budgets and varying jackpot sizes to match. You also get a “Stars & Stripes” American style 75 ball game and a “Boombox” 80’s style 80 ball game. Also, in a nice touch for new players, there is an additional 90 ball “Newbie” Room, offering free bingo for the first week after joining. This is great for players who are completely new to the online version of the game, who can learn the ropes without risking any of their own cash. It’s also great to be able to play along with other new players, without feeling like everyone else is somehow more experienced and knowledgeable than you. Overall, the range of bingo on offer is not revolutionary, but it’s all very well done. Bingo players tend to be traditionalists at heart in any case, and everything should look and feel fairly familiar here. The online chat works well, with friendly hosts to keep things chugging along, with plenty of fellow roomies to add to the fun. But perhaps the big attraction of playing on a Nektan bingo site is the additional gaming options that come as part of the package. The company’s extensive network of gaming software partnerships means that the quantity and quality of slots on offer is exceptional. There are hundreds on offer, including all the biggest titles. Plus you get hundreds of additional top notch games to play, so there is always something fresh to try if you fancy a change. There are always at least a dozen progressive jackpot games as well, for players looking for the chance to win the very biggest prizes. Finally, there is also an additional tab for other instant win style games like scratch cards, plus the bingo / slot hybrid Slingo. Payment options are also good on Nektan bingo sites. You can use any of around a dozen different deposit methods. These include PayPal, Paysafecard and Trustly. The usual credit and debit card facilities are also available for you to use. The minimum deposit amount is £10. All payments are fee free, with the exception of Pay by Phone, for which a fee of 15% is applied, and the minimum deposit is £15. There is always plenty of support available too – an important factor for new players. Live chat and a telephone help line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on Nektan bingo sites. You can also use an e-mail link if you prefer. Nektan have therefore made a bold but welcome move into the online bingo industry. Time will tell if they are able to produce similar results to those they have achieved with their phenomenally successful casino platform, but the early signs are good. Expect the arrival of a steady stream of new Nektan bingo titles as the 2020s continue…