Nektan Casinos Accepting Zimpler

Zimpler is the electronic payment method that is very popular with casino players in Scandinavia. Here we list those casinos which accept zimpler. Specifically we’ve focused on zimpler casinos that are on the nektan platform.

A Look at Zimpler Casinos - How it Works and its History

Zimpler is an electronic payment method which is popular throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe, particularly in its Swedish homeland and neighbouring Finland. The operating company was founded in 2012 in Stockholm, where it remains headquartered to this day. It also has satellite offices in Gothenburg and Berlin, Germany. In comparison with the massive corporations which normally populate the banking and finance industry, this company remains a relatively small concern, with less than fifty employees in total. The popularity of the service has certainly grown rapidly in such a brief period of existence. In 2017, the operating company was named the third fastest growing technology company in Sweden. As it expands throughout its neighbouring Scandinavian countries and reaches northern Europe, it is certain that this swift development will continue. The service is a payment system designed for use on smartphones. It certainly is very easy to use. Casino players do not even need to pre-register or even download an app. All that is required is to provide a mobile phone number. Customers are then required to enter a four digit verification code (a bit like a PIN), which is created on the first use of the service. You then need to choose which account or card you wish payment to be made from. Again, this needs to be set up when the service is first used. These details are stored by Zimpler for subsequent transactions. A unique one time only payment code is then sent to the phone by text, which is used to authorise payment. The transaction is then complete. Customers can link Zimpler to their Visa or MasterCard accounts, or to any account held at a participating bank. There is no charge to the purchaser when using this instant payment service. Instead, the online retailer pays a fee for accepting the payment and operating the service. Even on first use, Zimpler is very quick and easy method of payment to use, and for subsequent purchases, regardless of whether it is the same casino site, it’s even easier. All you need is your mobile number and the verification PIN code to complete any purchase. As if this zimplicity (sorry) and convenience were not enough, there are several other advantages when using the service. It is very secure: you don’t have to supply your personal financial details to the casino site, and you only need to tell Zimpler once, when you first use the service. This means that the chances of fraud are kept to a minimum and your financial details cannot be hacked even if you are making a payment via an insecure public Wi-Fi network. You can also opt to pay by bill. If you choose this method, you do not pay directly and instantly from your nominated account, but instead receive a bill by test within the subsequent 24 hours. There is a small charge per transaction for using this service. Finally, Zimpler allows you to set monthly spending limits, so you can really keep a tight rein on your budget. This is particularly useful for casino players who like to limit their spending and limit the amount spent gambling. All those small payments soon add up! Facilities like these really add to the feeling of personal service you get when using this payment method. It is as if the service is customised to your personal requirements. The company retains its “small business” feel, providing a personal touch while also supplying the level of security you would expect from a major financial institution.