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Evolution are considered the live casino games mastered. If an online casino offers live blackjack or casino tables then the chances are its provided by Evolution. Since their creation in 2006 they now dominate the live dealer market. Below is a selection of Nektan casinos that offer an Evolution live dealer experience.

Evolution – The Live Dealer Casino Experts

Many companies in the online gaming industry can be considered to be big names. Some may even be regarded as market leaders, dominating their field. Companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt slots for example, are seen as utterly indispensable to most online casino operators. Yet surely no one in the business is as utterly omnipotent in their market as Evolution. Indeed, the Evolution brand is so overwhelmingly the top choice for live streamed casino games, it can be considered to be a virtual monopoly.

Founded in 2006, Evolution were at the forefront of the development of the concept of live streamed gaming and have retained their market leading pre-eminent position ever since. This is remarkable, given the level of potential competition, and the sheer profitability of the business. If anything, they have consolidated their status – so much so that it remains impossible to spot a realistic competitor to this day. This is surely testament to the quality of the service provided and of their ability to spot market trends and remain ahead of the field.

This talent for moving swiftly to take advantage of emerging market trends started early in the company’s development. Evolution was able to adapt and be in position right at the start of the live gaming phenomenon. In fact, maybe it could even be said that they created it.

The rapid improvements in related technologies like telecommunications and broadband speeds made practical live streamed games possible early in the 21st Century. As the clunky old dial up modem came to be replaced by wire, cable and then fibre optic connections, so internet speeds improved, allowing live streamed games to be played at home (and possibly in the office too I dare say) for the first time.

Evolution became simply the only choice for players who looked for that extra dose of realism which live gaming provided. Next, in the early 2010s came a second technological and cultural explosion. This was caused by a further technological breakthrough, as exponential improvements in smartphone memory, processing speed and Wi-Fi speed and reliability saw the focus of live gaming move away from big box desk desktop PCs and Macs onto mobile phones and tablets.

Today, Evolution is the biggest operator in the business by far. The company has around 8,000 employees working from offices and gaming studios situated throughout Europe and North America. Its games can be played via over three hundred different casinos operating in markets across the globe.

In 2019, the last full year for which figures are available at the time of writing, Evolution reported operating revenues of over €365 million, with an operating profit margin of well over 40%. The company is listed on Sweden’s Stockholm NASDAQ stock exchange. At the time of writing, the company’s shares are valued at around 840 Swedish krona (SEK), equivalent to around €81 (£73).

Evolution Operation

As befits a globally operating corporation, Evolution have live studios based all across the northern hemisphere. The original and still the largest is situated in Riga, Latvia. Additional European studios are based in Belgium, Spain, Georgia, Romania and on the Mediterranean island of Malta. In North America, the company has studios in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the United States, and Vancouver in Canada.

In addition to these purpose built studios, Evolution also live stream from actual casinos to provide the maximum amount of authenticity possible.

These worldwide operations help the company satisfy demand for their service just about anywhere in the world. Evolution already employs live dealers fluent in dozens of different languages. Indeed, they promise to source native speaking dealers and other staff for any language required.

Table Games from Evolution

Evolution offers a comprehensive range of live streamed traditional casino table games, and much more. There are dozens of different formats of the standards, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. In addition to being available in a large variety of different formats, styles and stake levels, they are also customised for each individual international market. Native speaking live dealers are always available.

The company provides far more than just the usual casino games though. A wider variety of card and dice games are also available, including Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger and Craps – all in live dealer format.

In fact, the field of games available stretches far wider than just those found in a typical traditional casino. TV game show formats like Crazy Time, Dream Catcher and even Deal or no Deal are also available, together with board game favourite Monopoly. There is also a lottery style game called Mega Ball; Lightning Dice, a sort of hybrid game involving dice and the coin drop from Tipping Point, and even a football themed format called Football Studio.

It should be pointed out that not all Evolution games are available at every participating casino – there are simply too many options. Nevertheless, most of these formats are available to every casino operator to choose from, a bit like you would choose from a menu in a restaurant.

Evolution’s live streamed games are available to all casinos operating on the Nektan platform. Their games are perfect for players who are looking for an experience as close as possible to that found in a real world casino, no matter which device you play on. Look out for them at your chosen Nektan casino.